Life Science & Healthcare Forum Healthcare Award 2019 by NASSCOM 'Best Innovation - Wellness & Surgery Management'

Glorious moment for Tallshortree!!!

Tallshortree has been awarded 'Best Innovation - Wellness & Surgery Management' by Life Science & Healthcare Forum (LHIF) Healthcare Awards 2019 by NASSCOM Center of Excellence & AI today at Leela Palace, Bangalore.

LHIF brought together senior decision makers from Govt., Hospitals, Pharma Companies, Medical Device Companies, Startups/Innovators, Academia and other relevant stakeholders from the ecosystem to discuss the innovation and subsequent adoption of emerging technologies in healthcare. Ms. Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM inaugurated the session along with senior representatives from the govt. and enterprises like Astra Zeneca, GE Healthcare and Manipal Hospitals amongst many others were present at the event.